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#Watch #AdventWord

December 6th and the Advent Word for today is watch. Here in Canada it is the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre of 14 young women by a young man who blamed feminists for his issues.

#Watch #AdventWord

It is a day to watch, pray, remember and act. It is a day to tell our daughters and sons about what happened and why violence against women and girls needs to end. It is a day to watch our governments wherever we will live so that the rights of the vulnerable are enhanced and not taken away. It is a day to watch for God’s loving actions in the world and name them as such. It is a day to give thanks for those who women who have survived and are making new lives for themselves and their children. It is a day to remember the murdered and missing indigenous women of Canada and work to make this end. It is a day to watch. pray, remember and act.

How will you watch, pray, remember and act?


#Remember #AdventWord

Remember Advent wordToday’s word is #remember.

This year in my home parish of Immanuel, Wetaskiwin we are doing a different kind of Advent wreath. It is an Advent wreath of reconciliation by tearing down the walls of hostility. We are remembering our relationship with God’s creation, we are remembering our past, broken relationships with the indigenous peoples of Canada, we are remembering our call from God to work at righting those relationships and making a new way to be together, and finally we are remembering our call to God’s good future for all of creation by the saving work of our Saviour Jesus and that there will be transformation for all.

This picture is from the Advent 1. The eastern side of the wall was torn down and the first candle lit. You can just see its flame lit. So we remember that there is light in the darkness, there is hope here and God’s justice will be made known for all. We remember the promises that have been made to us by God for all God’s creation.

This is the prayer for the first Sunday:

Creator of all, We acknowledge that we live on sacred
land and drink of holy water, your creation. Light the
shadows made by walls of hostility. Help us to work
together for the healing and reconciliation of the land and
water. So may the light of your kingdom grow. Thank
you for listening. Amen.


Monday in Holy Week


Today we remember the woman (in John’s Gospel named Mary of Bethany) who took expensive perfume and anointed Jesus with it in preparation for his death. I am wondering today what act of outrageous, generous, glorious love have you been touched by?

The hymn below is one that has touched me many times and lifts my faith up even when I haven’t known how to hold it up. The story of this woman’s love for Jesus does the same thing for me. Take a moment and listen and remember why we walk this week with Jesus.

Palm Sunday


When I was 14 and a young server in our parish, our priest took a group of us to the big city to see Jesus Christ, Superstar on the big screen. It was a faith transforming moment. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and experiencing. Jesus’ story told with words and music that I understood. I was so excited and wanted to tell everyone about it. Each year during Holy Week, I take the time and listen to the music and remember.

Remembering myself as a young Christian, remembering the journey I have been on in my faith, remembering  the journey that Jesus made during this week. We start the week in glory, move to sorrow and grief, then sit and hold ourselves and wait, then  comes resurrection. We can’t get to resurrection without going through the rest. May your Palm Sunday be joyful and your Holy Week as full of emotions and remembrance as you need.

P.S. Sorry about the double posting today. I had wanted to get the earlier post out yesterday but it just didn’t happen.

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