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#Watch #AdventWord

December 6th and the Advent Word for today is watch. Here in Canada it is the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre of 14 young women by a young man who blamed feminists for his issues.

#Watch #AdventWord

It is a day to watch, pray, remember and act. It is a day to tell our daughters and sons about what happened and why violence against women and girls needs to end. It is a day to watch our governments wherever we will live so that the rights of the vulnerable are enhanced and not taken away. It is a day to watch for God’s loving actions in the world and name them as such. It is a day to give thanks for those who women who have survived and are making new lives for themselves and their children. It is a day to remember the murdered and missing indigenous women of Canada and work to make this end. It is a day to watch. pray, remember and act.

How will you watch, pray, remember and act?


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