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Travelling & Renovating

I have been travelling for work the last week. Stayed with friends over the weekend and then my folks for the rest of the week. It struck me today that travelling is a metaphor for what I have been going through lately. I am living out of suitcase. I am not at home. In much the same way when I am at home I feel adrift and without a church home. On the positive side travelling takes me places and lets me experience new things – like riding the train between Ottawa and Toronto.

We have also been doing work on our home over the last year. It has been a way for the dear one to keep focused and have a sense of purpose during this time away from parish life. This has meant that various rooms have been packed up, cleared out, painted and in some cases floors redone! So we have been living as nomads within our own home. This past couple of weeks the dining room has been undergoing its freshening up – which meant that the table was moved into the living room and other furniture was moved around. This too has been a metaphor of my life. Unsettled and chaotic at times but then moving into fresher, cleaner, updated spaces.

I am beginning to see a bit of a pattern here. Feeling like I don’t have a home but the promise of something new to come. Chaos and being unsettled are where I need to live for the moment. That eventually there will be something fresher, cleaner and updated for me.

Travelling through this desert time with some shimmers of hope on the horizon.


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