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#AdventWord #Live


#AdventWord #Live

I woke up this morning to find this beauty blooming in our kitchen nook! What a lovely Advent surprise. I love my houseplants but I especially love those that bloom.

Today’s Advent word is live – I looked at my plant and thought look how much it is living! It is just blooming, because it can and it is showing off its glorious colours, because it can. How wonderful is that. It is like a ray of deep sunset in my kitchen window and who doesn’t want some colour like that in this time of short days and long nights (at least here in the northern hemisphere). I am so grateful to have this bit of God’s creation living in my house.

To live into the incarnation is to live into God’s light and love. It is to live as full of colour and grace and joy as it is possible for you to live. To live like my blooming plant and just show off our God given gifts for the benefit of the rest of the world.

When I am happy about something I get a huge grin on my face and start bouncing up and down on my feet. The dear one loves it when I get like that. It means that things are going well in my world and therefore his world. I’d love to say that I live like that all the time, I don’t, but I am trying to hang onto those moments and remember them for other times.

Jesus said I came to give life and to give it abundantly. Here’s to more abundant, colourful, showy, gift filled life!


#AdventWord #Awaken


#AdventWord #Awaken

First off, I know I am bit behind here. This was the word for two days ago, so I still have yesterday’s and today’s to get done. I am in my happy place when writing so that works for me.

I took the above picture just as the morning sun came in our dining room and we had our star lights lit up for the open house later that day. I loved how bright the sun got and how it seemed to say are you awake? Awaken your hearts and see God’s light and love coming for you. Awaken your hearts and be God’s light and love for those around you.

I have kept thinking about that. How do I awaken to God’s light and love? How do I become  God’s light and love? I have no clear answers at the moment – so I am just going to sit and be with the questions for awhile.  For me in Advent the questions that arise are usually where God is leading me to a new insight. I’m not there yet but something is glimmering on the southern horizon and I need to pay attention to it. That I think is part of awakening – paying attention to the questions that are the stirrings of my spirit for the Spirit.

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