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Oh my goodness, it’s time for Lent!!

Here it is Shrove Tuesday and that means, yep Lent is right around the corner! Last year I kept Lent fairly simple as I will still in recovery mode from cancer treatment. This year it seems a plan has developed by listening to the Spirit. Tools have appeared that I am hoping will be life giving and deepen my walk with Jesus through the 40 days that are coming.


My guides for Lent

Here are my tools – Diana Butler Bass’ book Grounded, Richard Wagameese’s book Embers, and my drawing pad and water colour pencils. Each day through Lent I am going to pick up one of these. I will read and delve deeper into my spiritual life. I will pray and let the Spirit guide me as she does. I will draw and let my creativity flow in a different way than it usually does. Each day I will do one of these, I am not going to try to do all three on top of what I regularly do – that would be a bit much to say the least.

The dear one and I have a routine of saying Morning Prayer which I know will feed my thoughts and reflections during this time as well. We also reduce the amount of meat that we eat and of course there is extra stuff at church that we will be participating in. My hope, my prayer is that all of this together will lead to a holy Lent for me and for those around me.

I’d love to hear if you have any plans for Lent and what they are? Are you giving up something? Are you taking on something? Are you engaging with something new to see God’s presence in your life differently?

May you have a good and holy Lent. May you take the forty days as a way to renew your spiritual life. May you see Jesus walking with you each and every day.



#40Acts #DoLentGenerously

I know I have been away for a while, and that deserves a post all of its own, for today I want to talk about how I will be observing Lent this year. I am following the 40 Acts of doing Lent generously. Each day I get an email that tells me what the action for that day is. I must admit I really like this as I am not great at giving things up but do like an extra discipline during Lent. In fact, this year doesn’t really feel like a year for giving up things considering all that I have been through.

Today’s act was about circles. The circles of connection with the other people that I know and care about, circles of connection even with those that I don’t know that well. The task was to draw, doodle, sketch your circles and then if you had time to pray for them. That’s what I did this morning. I put on some quiet Canadian folk music and went at it with my water colour pencils.

#40Acts #Circles #DoLentGenerously If you look closely – you will see the dear one and I in the centre of the circle and then it moves on from there. Circles interacting, showing community and connection in all parts of my life. When I finished I took a few moments and prayed for each circle of connection – each community that I am fortunate to be a part of and know that many have prayed for me.

I told the dear one later that morning that the focus felt good and important. It felt like I was able to connect in a way that I hadn’t been able to lately.

My plan this Lent is to post blogs about this experience of doing Lent generously as the Spirit moves me, to be guided by the connections that I will make. May you all have a holy and generous Lent.

#Thrive #AdventWord

Thrive Advent Word

I have had this orchid for about 6 years now, it never fails to bloom each year & sometimes twice a year, it continues to thrive in what should be a harsh environment for it. My house is too dry, the heat fluctuates, the sun is not consistent, and yet it continues to thrive.

When I reflect on the Advent Word for today, thrive, this orchid came to mind. It thrives when you don’t think it will. It brings me beauty and joy in some of the darkest days of winter. I look at and I smile. A really big smile! The orchids I have, the other indoor plants I have and the outside gardening I do allow me to play in the dirt, use water, think about God’s good creation and I how I can help it to thrive and be creative.

I realize that I have thrived as well, by the grace of God, through some tough stuff that at the time I didn’t think I would survive. To thrive is to have hope, to see joy, to be creative, to have fun – all good things in my mind.

How do you thrive? What brings you joy and beauty and points the way to God’s grace?

Words for 2014

I want to start this post by apologizing to everyone. I have been away for awhile. This past fall and early winter has had some emotional health challenges for me and others that I needed to focus on. I haven’t done any writing here or much elsewhere but I am happy to say that I am back.

I was prodded by son in law’s blog on his words for 2014 words that I needed to do something about my own words for this year. Last year I chose beauty, gratitude and faith and I want to take a moment to reflect on them.

I saw a lot of beauty this year – in growing a new garden, in exploring the Cypress Hills in southwestern Saskatchewan with the dear one and other family, seeing my children growing in their independence and stretching their metaphorical wings – there was a lot of beauty this past year. Which, naturally, brings me to gratitude. I have so much to be grateful for – the dear one and I have a new home, a new parish, a new diocese to be a part of – it is amazing what stability will do for one’s state of mind. I am still working on the faith part of my life. I love the folks in our parish, I love how I have been challenged and how I have grown, but I am aware that there are moments where faith is just darn hard for me, maybe it will always be that way and maybe that is okay.


Now for 2014 and the words for this coming year. These are in no particular order but how they came into my mind while thinking about this.

Creativity: I am aware that I need to let creativity back into my life. I need to let my mind, body and spirit play and find out what is next for me. I need to take time each day away from other distractions and just doodle, draw, write directly on paper, play with scissors, glue and construction paper – just let creativity take me where it wants and not try to control it. I haven’t made anything for just the sake of making it for a long time and I need to give myself permission to do that again. Maybe from time to time I will share what I have created here. I want to let God’s creativity bounce around in me again.

Delight: This is somewhat connected to last year’s words of beauty and gratitude, but it is something that I want to continue with this year. I want to delight more in what is around me and who I am with and where I am and not be busy thinking about, planning for, worrying about what is coming next. It is about being present in the moment and with the ones I am with. It is about taking delight in each thing – a kiss from the dear one, the spring rain, a call from a loved family member, the gift of each new day. To take delight in the place that God has put me and remember the wonder of being alive.

Grace: I am aware of how much grace has permeated my life and I am aware of how much I take God’s grace for granted. This next year I want to look consciously for those moments that are grace-filled. Moments where the Spirit of God can just be glimpsed dancing around the edges.  I want to be able to stop and take a look and let that grace fill me up and give me what I need and not worry if there will be more later. There is always more later. I want to show grace to others as grace has been shown to me.

Love is….

Grouse in backyard – a bit of joy.

I know that many have written about love. I know that I probably won’t say anything new here. This morning though I need to say what love is for me.

Love is the dear one making me brunch just because he loves me and not letting me into the kitchen to help him.

Love is the gift of this time together, even though much of it is hard. For this hard time has proven that our love can withstand much, sustain us both and continue to grow and change as we are growing and changing.

Love is intellectual discussions which trigger creative thoughts for both of us. Deep conversation that reminds us both that we are worth more than what many have said about us.

Love is working hard with the dear one to get our house renovations done, working on our garden together, reminding ourselves that we are a good team together.

Love is the bits of joy that I find each day. The grouse wandering in our backyard, one of our cats snuggling up on my lap while I watch a movie with the dear one, flowers continuing to bloom outside even with the cooler days, the smell of bacon coming from the kitchen, a good cup of coffee in the morning, a cup of relaxing tea in the afternoon.

Love is my family, my friends, who are always there when I need them. Love is all that our adult children have become and are becoming.

Love is our church friends praying for me and the dear one. Reminding me that I don’t have to do this faith thing on my own. That the love of God is best when shared in this way.

Love is the gift I have been given. Love is more words than I will ever find to express it.  Today I thank God for love.

Love is what for you today?


Dragonfly Watering Can

I find inspiration is a funny thing. One day you have loads of it and the next it seems to have just vanished. I have also found that I need to feed my inspiration. This watering can is an example of that feeding. I love dragonflies – I mean, I really, really love them. They give me joy when I see one in my garden or when out camping. They look so fragile but they are really quite strong. I love the different shapes, colours, sizes of dragonflies. It is this that gives me inspiration to keep on with what is put in front of me and fly towards my goals.

I also find inspiration in the parts of my life that I struggle with; lack of  worship community, expressing my faith, finding new work. It is dealing with these struggles that I find words that help to express my feelings of loss and grief. These inspire me to write and sometimes amazing things happen.

Inspiration also comes about when I read or hear something that just about makes my blood boil. I begin to think about what I need to do to make a situation right or to support the person involved in an unjust situation. I begin to speak, write and tell others what I am thinking and feeling.

Last night I had a great conversation with the dear one. We were talking theology and scriptures and how to live them out in our lives. I love those conversations they get me thinking and wondering and fill me with inspiration to keep on living a life of faith.

Where do you get your inspiration? What has inspired you recently? Love to hear from you about what gets your creativity going. Never know what might inspire me on to something new, fun and lovely.

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