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#AdventWord #Care

#AdventWord #Care

I am a little behind on this, so you may be getting a few blog posts from me today on Advent Word. The word for December 6th was care. To care for each other, for those we know well, for those who are our family is easy most of the time. To care for those we don’t know as well, that is harder, especially if it means stretching us beyond our normal comfort zones. The gospel, the good news of Jesus, calls those of us who follow his way to make that happen. We are called as disciples to love our neighbours as we have been loved by God our creator. That means all of our neighbours in this messy, painful, often violent world, all of them. We are called to care for the least of these most of all.

The dear one, as many of you know, is the rector of Immanuel, Wetaskiwin here in central Alberta. This past Sunday we remembered St. Nicholas – the bishop of Myra who cared for three young women who didn’t have enough. He made their lives bearable. Our parish has done some of that as well. We brought in gifts for children who wouldn’t likely get gifts this Christmas in our community, we brought in gifts of food for our local food bank to make sure that people in our community will have enough to eat. In other words we cared. We continue to care and hopefully share the love of God with those who are our neighbours, both near and far.



#Beautify #AdventWord

Today’s word is beautify. I had some ideas about this earlier in the day, but just didn’t have a chance to get at it until now.

I love to decorate my house during the Advent season, getting ready for the Christmas celebration. At last count we have about a dozen different nativities – not as many as some, but a lot more than many. We put them all out but the Baby Jesus’ don’t go in until after the Christmas Eve service. It is about getting ready for the amazing beauty that is the Incarnation. It is a tradition we started even before we had children.

The favourite of our sets is the one the dear one and I made together. Our first Advent as a married couple we realized we had no decorations, not one! We decided that we would make our own nativity set from toilet paper tubes, construction paper and glue. A couple of years later the dear one built a stable and we modified some of the characters but we still have many of the originals.

#Beautify #AdventWord There it sits on the sideboard in the dining room with the collection of angels. A place of honour and beauty in our home.  God came into the world in the form of a beautiful baby. A baby that was loved and cherished. A baby that lived, shared that life and God’s love with others, that went to the cross, died and then was resurrected. All for us. We beautify because we have been loved and we want to share the joy of that love with others.

#Breathe #AdventWord

The weather here has been remarkably unsettled over the last month. We have had deep freeze cold, snow and now we are going through a thaw. For someone like me who lives with rheumatoid arthritis my joints just can’t get it together. Yesterday I went for my monthly massage. It is something that I do for self-care and it has made a huge difference in being able to get things done and not getting them done. During the massage there were several moments when I took deep breaths to let my massage therapist get at the tension she was working on in my muscles. I kept telling myself to breathe. I became aware of how I was breathing. It became a prayer.

When I came home and finished up work I was able to get at some home tasks even with the unsettled weather. I was conscious of breathing well and moving well. I was able to make pastry and the first meat pie of the season.

#Breathe #AdventWord

The dear one and I breathed in the warm smell of the pie. We breathed in the goodness that was awaiting us. We breathed in life. We gave thanks to God and we enjoyed the pie!

We all need to breathe, for it is our breath that gives us life. We speak about the Holy Spirit as breathing new life on the church at Pentecost. Remembering to breathe deeply and slowly when stressed can be difficult for some but I know how much it calms me down. I breathe and I pray. I breathe and I pray. Then I become calm and can think clearly.

Breathe, pray, let us open ourselves to God’s good gifts this Advent season.

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