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Life is Sometimes….

This is me today in all the crap that is rheumatoid arthritis & depression. The last few weeks have not been the best emotionally, physically & mentally. Not sharing this for sympathy, some understanding would be helpful, but to show what hidden disabilities can look like. I powered through a lot this last month, probably more than I should have & today it all caught up with me & flattened me big time.

I will admit that today I raged, I cried & just felt generally crappy! I feel like I need a timeout, like I used to do for my children. Unfortunately there is work that can’t be avoided & Thanksgiving here in Canada to prepare for. I have given myself permission to give me a bit of a break for the moment.

Both my depression & my RA are linked to fatigue. I’m so tired physically & emotionally that I know I’m not thinking clearly. I’m working on how to take care of me & in the end how to take care of others. I need to do this so that I can continue to do the work I’ve been asked to do, the work I need to do.

Here’s the thing if you are the praying type then please pray, if you are the good vibes then good vibes please. I will get through this it’s just rough at the moment.


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