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#AdventWord #Dazzle

#AdventWord #Dazzle

I will admit, I love the dazzle of this season, I love the lights, the decorations, all the good food, the Christmas music – especially the slightly cheesy stuff – the people rushing about in generally good moods. I love the dazzle. I am aware that we have added a lot of cultural bits and pieces onto the season and mostly I am okay with that. I don’t get upset when I hear Christmas carols before the big day, I am not sure why it’s so important to get that upset about it. I love the Advent carols in church and sing them heartily.

Here is what I know, when I place our decorations out, cook particular foods, sing carols, I am reminded of so many people both alive and dead. I cook Gaspe meat pies and my thoughts go back to Nanny Ethel and her love for our family. I put out my Christmas snowmen and I put the ones my mother collected out with love. I place each decoration on our tree with love as I think of where they came from. I am surrounded with the love of these saints, I am surrounded with by the communion saints.

I will continue to love the dazzle of Advent and Christmas and I will continue to celebrate this season with as much gusto as I can. I hope you will as well.


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