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#AdventWord #Trust

#AdventWord #Trust

Today has been a hard day – we had a fast low pressure system move through with some rain. Drop in pressure and humidity just set my joints to flare up. They started getting puffy, red and achy last night. I must admit I get so down with these kinds of days. It is hard for me to concentrate, plan and do any kind of serious work. It is one of those days that means rejoicing in small, doable tasks and resting as much as needed. Rheumatoid arthritis just sucks!

Then came today’s Advent Word – trust. Oh my goodness,  God – trust??!! Trust what? Trust who? Trust that I will make through the day without ending up in the fetal position – I have so far. Trust that my extra pain medication will do it’s job – it has, somewhat. Trust that I will get taken care of by the dear one, in this one of his busiest church times – he has and that’s lovely. There we go, trust – letting God and others do what is needed for me. Trusting my body to know what I need – rest – and doing just that. Trust that this flare up will not last forever – it won’t, I know that from experience.

Tonight – it is evening here – I am going to give thanks that I can trust and feel hopeful, because I need to do that. I need to trust that God knows what is going on with me and that I am being held in God’s love, always.


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