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#AdventWord #Focus #Prepare #Messenger #Watch

I need to start with an apology – I am now five days behind. I am going to do four words now and hopefully get today’s word in before tomorrow. Not making any promises. Anybody else find that Advent happenings just catch them and all of a sudden you are behind in what you had been planning to do. All the things that have happened in my life this past week have been great, they have just left me with little energy to get the writing done. Here goes and here is hoping that I can get this posted before the next thing of today catches up to me.

#AdventWord #Focus


The word for the past Saturday was focus. On Saturday  I was able to join some other women from my diocese for an intentional quiet day. A day to reflect on Scripture, on worship, on good words given by our speaker. I hadn’t realized until I was part way through the day how much I had needed to just stop and be. It really did give me a chance to focus my thoughts inwardly and reflect on my relationship with God. I am ever so grateful for that day.



#AdventWord #Prepare

Sunday’s Advent word was prepare. To prepare our hearts for the coming of the Christ Child should be something that we do naturally, but I find with a lot of adults that it is hard work. At the parish that I worship in the dear one has a passion for sharing special stories with the children. This past Sunday he shared the story of St. Nicholas, whose day it was on December 6th. What an empowering story for us all. It helps to prepare us all to be more Christ like in our lives

#AdventWord #Messenger

This little homemade angel has been around for a long time in our house. When the dear one and I first got married we realized when we got to our first Advent that we had no decorations. I mean none! So we decided to make ourselves our own nativity set. It has been added to, but it is still the whimsical homemade one that is our family favourite. He is my messenger that Christmas is getting closer, that all those memories of our family times are wrapped up in his slightly tattered wings, that Jesus will always care for us no matter how tattered we get or look. So much love in one little messenger.


#AdventWord #Watch

Yesterday’s Advent word was watch. The days are really short here on the 53rd latitude North- less than 8 hours of daylight at the moment and we don’t get to the solstice until next week. Most mornings I get to watch the sunrise. Yesterday’s was spectacular – the photo to the right really doesn’t do it justice. In fact it has been so warm here – we have just had another chinook go through. I just stood outside and watched this and once again realized what a beautiful world we live and how grateful I am to God for this place and my life.

There we go all caught up. I am hoping that I can get today’s word done either early tomorrow or possibly later tonight. Trying to stay with this Advent discipline because it is good for me. I hope dear readers that it is good for you as well.


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