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#AdventWord #Mend

#AdventWord #Mend

Those of you who have been following/reading my blog for a while will know that two years ago I had the worst year of my life as regards to my health. I found out that I had ovarian cancer, which meant surgery and 6 rounds of chemotherapy. I have to say that I am finally feeling like I am settled into my new normal. Today’s Advent word is mend. I thought to myself that I have done a lot of mending and that sometimes you need to break before you can mend.

When you get a cancer diagnosis, you may not be feeling that ill, but the treatment does make you ill. Chemotherapy means putting drugs into your system that kill the cancer cells. This is really hard on your body, your mind and your spirit. You just feel worse and worse after each treatment. You have to break before you mend.

When I was undergoing treatment I had so many people praying for me and holding me up in so many ways. It was what gave me the strength to keep going going. It’s what held my faith together. Here’s what I learned and some of it is what I remembered – God doesn’t make you sick, God puts the people in place to help you mend and get healthy again.

I am not broken anymore. I am relatively healthy and so far so good on the cancer not returning. The picture on the left is one from two years ago when I was just recovering from chemotherapy. The picture on the right is me now. I am so much better and I am grateful and give thanks to God for that everyday. To mend for me is to get back to a place of good mental and physical health and I’m working on both those things everyday.


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One thought on “#AdventWord #Mend

  1. SO good you are doing w ell Fiona!!1. Hard work nad prayers are making a difference. Keep going and know that many are praying for your good health. XxLynda

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