Faith from the Edges

Faith and life from the perspective of me.

#AdventWord #Heal

#AdventWord #Heal

Most mornings about 8 am the dear one and I sit down to say Morning Prayer together. It is something  that Anglican clergy and their families often do together. For both of us this prayer time grounds us in the work that we are going to do for that day and sometimes generates interesting, thoughtful conversation. And often some downright hilarity – who knew praying could be so much fun.

I have found our prayer time to be very healing. When I was recovering from cancer treatment it became essential for me to pray regularly, for myself and for others. When we get to our intercessions we usually have a fairly long list of intentions. We pray for the church, the world, those in need – each day is somewhat different as we bring different concerns to God.

Prayer time becomes healing and then that leads to action. Making sure that we reach out to those in need, connecting with others about our concerns for the world, making sure that we recycle and are as gentle on this good earth as we can be. We find healing and we look to share that healing with others.


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