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#AdventWord #Gather

#AdventWord #Gather

I must admit, I have been struggling with today’s Advent Word just a little bit. I have no gatherings to be at today, it’s my day off and I’m puttering around the house. I thought I could take a picture of the ingredients for one of the dishes I made today, but that doesn’t quite get at the idea for today’s word.

I then remembered that I had been at a social gathering recently. The Anglican Church Women (ACW) of my parish had their annual Christmas luncheon this past Saturday. I know, it’s not Christmas, and in fact it wasn’t quite Advent yet. However this gathering is a community of women who come together to socialize and to remember that Jesus is coming once again into their lives.

This Christmas luncheon was the first event that I ever attended when we moved to central Alberta 5 years ago. These women invited me in and welcomed me in Jesus’ name. We gathered together this past Saturday to do that once again. We ate good food, we played some games, we drew for door prizes and we sang Christmas carols together. In many ways this gathering of women always feels like the start to my Advent season.

Community is why we gather and community is what Jesus gathered around him during his ministry. To gather with a worshipping community is to remember who I am, who I am called to be by God. I am grateful to be gathered with others during this Advent season.


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