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#AdventWord #Journey

#AdventWord #Journey

We are believe it or not in the midst of a bathroom renovation – yep, in December, in Advent! We only got to this point because we had a leaky toilet and when it was removed we discovered there was damage to the floor below it. So out came all the old floor right down to the original sub-floor.

This renovation has been a thought out process of many steps, it has been a journey from here is the problem to here is the solution. When I was thinking about the journey of Advent, it struck me that our journey through this season is much the same. We see a problem – the world is a mess. We are given a solution – Jesus the bringer of God’s love, justice and peace.

I like many others are journeying through Advent with as much hope as I can muster. I don’t think since my early 20’s that I have been as afraid of what the future might bring to our poor, battered world. Will we get climate change under control so that future generations can live on this earth? Will we get nuclear weapons under control? Will we see justice for all the women and girls who sexually harassed and assaulted just because they are female? Will we?

The journey in Advent reminds me that God keeps promises, that God hears the cries of the most vulnerable, that God loves the world so much. I am going to keep on journeying. I hope you are too.


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