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#AdventWord #Abide


#AdventWord #Abide

I wake up in the dark at this time of the year – it can be rather gloomy and then we get a sunrise like the one that I captured today. It was amazing. Pinks and yellows streaking across the sky. I actually stepped outside in my pj’s to capture the moment. I stood there quite awestruck by the beauty and glory.

I realized I was abiding in the light of God and the love of God. It felt like such a moment of grace and truth.

I had a rough day yesterday – not surprising as my invisible, chronic illness, otherwise known as rheumatoid arthritis, has been acting up – so this morning’s sunrise was a lovely, gentle reminder that through everything I am held up in God’s love. That I need to remember that even when I am having a rough day. That sunrise has stayed with me all day and I have been aware of being held up and loved.

I am going to hold onto that as we walk into Christmas week and celebrate the coming of God’s incarnate love and light in the person of Jesus. I will abide.


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