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#AdventWord #Simplify


#AdventWord #Simplify

Yesterday and for a lot of days I did some cooking to get ready for Christmas. I lot of the cooking and baking I do is to give away as gifts for family and for friends. The picture above is of me stirring some maple fudge.

I started doing this a number of years ago as a way to simplify our gift giving. We have never had a lot of money but I have always loved to bake and cook for others, so I came up with the idea of making homemade goodies for family, friends and parish leaders. It has been and is a way of honouring the relationships and working with our budget.

By simplifying our gift giving we have been able to be generous to others without it costing a crazy amount of money – just my time, which has been fine with me. I think of this gift giving as counter-cultural because it goes against the spend, spend, spend philosophy that is behind much of gift giving.

Simplifying is to make room for other things. Things like prayer, generosity, time. Each Advent I work on that. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Here’s to more of the simple gifts in life.


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