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#AdventWord #Prune


#AdventWord #Prune

This is my favourite rose bush. It has beautiful red, double blooms on it. It blooms from June right through to the end of September. The rose is called Emily Carr from a series called the Canadian Artist. It is hardy for where we live, which is a great thing.

In the spring we will have to prune as this rose only blooms on new growth. For now we are letting it rest. You can tell from the picture that it is winter here in central Alberta. You prune when it is the right season for the plant.

We all need pruning from time to time. To take out the dead areas, the sick areas. those parts of our life that are not blooming the way they should. It’s hard being pruned. You don’t really want to let go of any part of yourself. The good news for me is that God prunes when we most need it, when it is the right season for us. We may not always see it that way to begin with, we may protest that the part of our life that is being pruned is really needed. It is only in hindsight that we see that we have become a better person because of that pruning.

For the moment I think I am in the resting stage, just like my lovely rose bush, resting and waiting. Those who know me well know that there has been a lot of pruning over the last few years. Mostly I’m thankful, some of it I am still trying to process. I am trusting that the pruning I have gone through will allow me to bloom in new and delightful ways.


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