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#AdventWord #Open


#AdventWord #Open

Yesterday like many Anglican parishes the church I go to had its annual Lessons & Carols service with the Christmas Nativity told by the children. As you can see from the above picture the children needed a little help from their parents/grandparents. Because of that we all became a little more open to hearing the Christmas story.

We all need help from time to time and we especially need help to dig into what it means for God to become incarnate through Jesus. We need to open our ears, our eyes, our hearts and our minds to get some sense of what this mystery is. The coming of God into the world, through Jesus, is a mystery. The biggest mystery of all. It is at the core of the faith that we call Christianity. It is what makes us who we are – we all become God’s children because God came to the world in the person of Jesus.

Here’s to becoming more open to this mystery, more open to the joy, more open to God’s love for each us. During this last week of Advent I will work at opening myself up to that mystery that is the Incarnation.

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