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#AdventWord #Rely


#AdventWord #Rely

Today’s word is rely – I couldn’t think of a better photo than the two of us on our day off, both working around the house (we are having an open house in 4 days!!!) and looking a bit scruffy, but looking like us. Here we are relying on each other to get things done but not getting in each others way – just encouraging the other.

When I posted this photo up on Instagram  I said this: We #rely on each other – physically, emotionally, spiritually – we are better together. We are better together – we have over nearly 31 years of marriage encouraged each other, dealt with mental health issues. got through my cancer treatment & recovery, loved each other through 3 children 3 and under (yep we were mad young things then) and watched them grow into amazing young adults, we have prayed together, laughed together, held each other when the grief of so many losses was sometimes too much. We have relied on each other.

I am looking forward to many more years with my dear one and I think he is doing the same. We will continue our faith journey together. Hold onto each other through the tough times. We will rely on each other in the same way that we rely on the God of life and light to get through each day. Such a gift to have each other and to work to being a blessing for others.


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