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#AdventWord #Act


#AdventWord #Act

There’s no doubt about it, yesterday was a rough day. I couldn’t even come up with an image for the day’s word, act, until almost the end of the day. I certainly didn’t have the energy to do any reflection about it. Here we go, a day late, but I’m keeping my promise to do this for every image.

The picture above is last night’s supper. My homemade mac & cheese which is just one of those basic comfort foods in our house. It took an actual act of faith for me to get that done. I just wanted someone else to come and take care of us. It was I must admit not one of my better moments. I was just cranky and done with everything. In fact the dear one and I got into a miserable squabble about apparently nothing.  So to make our supper was the only real nice act I could do to get something decent back from the day.

Do you ever have days like that? Days where it seems like every little thing is conspiring against you? For me there is only one thing I can do. Call a halt and do something kind for someone else. To act in such a way that God’s light gets a chance to shine. That’s what making supper for the dear one and I was all about – letting some light shine on what was a not so great day.

Thankfully today has been better. Hopefully tomorrow will be as well.


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One thought on “#AdventWord #Act

  1. sometimes we just need to write off the day, do the little things that we can to make it better, and go to bed. (((hugs)))

    Tomorrow is full of potential. And so are you.

    oh, and that looks yummy, I’m glad you had some comfort food.

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