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#AdventWord #Touch


#AdventWord #Touch

My dear one is many things, but one of the things that some don’t realize is that he is a talented story teller. This morning at our little church in Wetaskiwin he shared with the children the story of St. Nicholas of Myra. They were entranced as was the rest of the congregation.

Today’s Advent word is touch and it struck me as I was listening to the story along with the children that we can be touched in our souls by listening and watching. I was today and I think the children were as well. Storytelling when it is done well reaches into places that are sometimes hard to get at. A good story will touch you in a special way.

I think this is one of the reasons I love the stories in the Gospels. They tell me something new and reach down into me every time I hear one of them. I want to have more stories like that. I want them to build up my faith, challenge me and direct me in how I can become more fully a member of the kingdom of God.

My hope is that I, too, can touch others with God’s love by sharing my faith and the struggles that I have had over the years. It is by touching each other in those intimate places that we can begin to see how we are to be God’s community of love and grace. I am going to walk into this week hoping that my touch will be gentle and encouraging for those I meet.


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