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#AdventWord #Play


#AdventWord #Play

I have to admit it, I’m a bit of a decorating geek when it comes to Christmas. I love this season of getting ready. It just makes me so happy. I particularly love the decorations that are full of whimsy. That have a sense of play about them. That bring about a smile when you see them.

I saw this St. Nicholas in our local co-op store and must have walked by it at least a dozen times. When I showed it to the dear one, he agreed that it needed to come home with us. It has a solar operated battery and its ball of glass lights up at night. It is especially the look on this St. Nick’s face that gets me every time I walk by it on the way to the car. I have a little giggle and feel better inside.

Play is a big part of my faith life. I love the jokes in the gospel of John – yes they are there, take a look for them. Some of my best moments of prayer have been when I have found a way to be creative, to play – whether it is by sketching, playing with words or just dreaming.

Whimsy, play. seem to always come looking for me – which I think is the Spirit probably saying, as my best friend does from time to time, lighten up Fiona, get with the joy of being a child of God. This Advent season I’m going to try and do just that.

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