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#AdventWord #Light


#AdventWord #Light

Here in central Alberta we have really short days – less than 8 hours of daylight right now – and that means really long nights. I know that it isn’t as short a day as some get in other parts of Canada but it is definitely short enough for me. I crave light of any kind. One of the ways that the dear one and I get ready for Christmas is to put up lights outside of the house. This year we decided to to put some up on our back deck and up the laundry line pole.

We usually leave our lights on all day as that is easier than trying to remember to plug them in all the time. When I get up in the morning it is still dark and I get to see these lights twinkling out our back porch window. It always brings a smile to my face.

We talk a lot at this time of the year of the light of the world coming as a way of talking about the incarnation of Jesus. I think it is because we know that light is life, especially light from the sun. All living creatures need some sort of sunlight to thrive. I need God’s presence in my life to keep me light filled so that I can share that light with others.

P.S. Sorry for being a day late. Yesterday was a bit rough. Going to do my best to get caught up today.


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