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#AdventWord #Love

Today’s Advent Word is Love. What a complicated little word that is – it holds all that is good, right and just in the world, and often gets misused by those who haven’t been loved the way they should have been. I have been loved so well over my life. It is probably why I am generally described as an optimistic, outgoing person.


#AdventWord #Love

Like others I need to find the time & places that will re-energize me, fill up my spoons, so that I can love as well I am being loved. In the spring and summer I do that by spending as much time as I can outside in our garden and on our deck. In the winter time that is a little more difficult. What I have done over the years is to grow indoor plants. The picture above shows about half of all my indoor plants. It takes a lot of watering cans to get all these wonders watered.

What happens when I water them is that I get renewed. I remember the good creation that we live in. I remember God’s loving care for everything, as the hymn says ‘All creatures big and small’ God loves them all. If God loves them all and loves me then it is my work as a Christian disciple to love right back. To love our broken, hurting world. To make beauty where I can, to grow beauty where I can, to show love to everyone that I meet.

I have a thing I do with those who are closest to me. When I finish a text or private message conversation with them I usually write – ‘Love you! Always!’. It means I will love them no matter what. It is the way that I feel God loves me and loves them. Love you! Always!


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