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#AdventWord #Listen


#AdventWord #Listen

I work for the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton as part of the Indigenous Ministry team. Those of you who have seen a picture of me might think that is a bit odd. What is a white woman settler doing as part of that ministry team? It seems God wants me to be part of the reconciliation work of our diocese.

The biggest learning I have had as a settler in Canada is that I know or knew next to nothing about the Indigenous history of this country. I didn’t know anything about the treaties, I didn’t know how the doctrine of discovery had affected how European settlers dealt with the First Peoples of this land. I learned that I needed/need to listen.

To listen to survivors of Indian Residential Schools again, again and again. To listen to Indigenous friends share their stories of being affected by racism with me. To listen to Indigenous leaders tell me and others that their communities need to lead the way. To listen to God speaking through all of this, that this is part of the work of reconciliation, that is the work of the kingdom of God.

So I listen and I listen. I urge others to listen. As a country we need to listen. As a church we need to listen. For it is from listening that we will begin to understand the horror and the pain. For it is from listening that we will, all of us, Indigenous and settler, work on healing and move to reconciliation.


#AdventWord #Renew

Today’s Advent word is renew. I have sat with this almost the whole day. The pictures above tell a story – the first is me barely 4 weeks after my last chemo session for ovarian cancer, the second is me now feeling grateful, mostly healthy, and so glad to be alive. Here is my prayer for today:

I am sick Lord, so sick

Renew my health O God

I am tired Lord, so tired

Renew my energy O God

I am scared Lord, so scared

Renew my heart O God

I am in pain Lord, so much pain

Renew my cells O God

I am improving Lord, slowly improving

Thank you God for renewal of health

I wake up ready for the day Lord

Thank you God for renewal of energy

I am smiling Lord, so many smiles

Thank you God for renewal of heart

I have learned to live with the pain I have Lord

Thank you God for renewal of perspective


Renewal has happened and is happening in my life. I am grateful. That is all, grateful.


#AdventWord #Love

Today’s Advent Word is Love. What a complicated little word that is – it holds all that is good, right and just in the world, and often gets misused by those who haven’t been loved the way they should have been. I have been loved so well over my life. It is probably why I am generally described as an optimistic, outgoing person.


#AdventWord #Love

Like others I need to find the time & places that will re-energize me, fill up my spoons, so that I can love as well I am being loved. In the spring and summer I do that by spending as much time as I can outside in our garden and on our deck. In the winter time that is a little more difficult. What I have done over the years is to grow indoor plants. The picture above shows about half of all my indoor plants. It takes a lot of watering cans to get all these wonders watered.

What happens when I water them is that I get renewed. I remember the good creation that we live in. I remember God’s loving care for everything, as the hymn says ‘All creatures big and small’ God loves them all. If God loves them all and loves me then it is my work as a Christian disciple to love right back. To love our broken, hurting world. To make beauty where I can, to grow beauty where I can, to show love to everyone that I meet.

I have a thing I do with those who are closest to me. When I finish a text or private message conversation with them I usually write – ‘Love you! Always!’. It means I will love them no matter what. It is the way that I feel God loves me and loves them. Love you! Always!

#AdventWord #Shine


#AdventWord #Shine

I want to start this post with a simple apology. I know I have been pretty absent. Let me say that recovering from cancer treatment takes so much out of you – more than I had thought would be the case. Here we are at the beginning of Advent and I have another chance to get this blog moving again.

This year I am once again participating in Advent Word Each day I will get an email each morning with the word for the day and a small reflection. The idea is that those who participate pray about the word, take photos and post them on Instagram, Twitter (feel free to follow me) and on Facebook. We will all together create a global Advent calendar. It is quite exciting to see what images everyone comes up with.

I am going to do my best to do this everyday – to post my photo and share some thoughts about it with you dear reader.

I live with the dear one in central Alberta. We have less than 8 hours of daylight by the time the winter solstice gets here.Not as short as days further north but short enough.  When I thought of the word shine, I thought sunshine! I crave sunshine this time of the year. We have had a particularly gloomy, foggy November, so when the sun shone one day last week I took the above picture. That big beautiful tree is in our backyard and it was just shining with the sun that morning.

I feel like that is what I am called to do. To shine! With God’s love, with God’s call for justice and peace, with renewed health, with grace, with good humour – just shine this Advent. To get ready to welcome in the Christ Child with as much shine as I can. So here’s to a good start to Advent and to shining with God’s love!

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