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#AdventWord #Forgive

#AdventWord #Forgive

Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Most of us know where those words come from, the Lord’s Prayer.  But do many of us know this prayer in another language? I don’t, sadly. I need to learn. The picture above is the Lord’s Prayer in Cree syllabics. You can hear it here.

Today’s Advent word got me thinking about forgiveness as it relates to the work on reconciliation I am doing as part of the Indigenous Ministry Initiative of the Diocese of Edmonton. I have been privileged enough to be at two Truth and Reconciliation events – one locally held and the other a national gathering. I have heard the stories of Residential School survivors and heard members of my church offer words of remorse and ask for forgiveness. I work as a settler person on assisting rural churches develop actions of neighbourly reconciliation with indigenous communities. It is hard work and often means seeking to forgive our church for its past and asking others who were hurt by those actions in the past to do the same. It is the work that God has called my church to do and called me to be a part of. It is how I make forgiveness real.


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