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#AdventWord #Give

#AdventWord #Give

When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back at the beginning of June I had little idea of what to expect. I knew that I would have to have chemo and I knew that meant I would be off of work for awhile. That ‘awhile’ turned into 6 months. What I didn’t expect and what overwhelmed me at times was the gifts that I would be given. There was food, prayer blankets, scarves for my head, prayers, gift cards, teacups and tea, and did I say food!

Today’s Advent word is give and I immediately thought of all those gifts that have been given to me. They were given because of love, wanting to support the dear one and I, wanting to share joy and beauty with me. The dragonfly gifts were especially important as the dragonfly has become a symbol of the resurrection for me. Dragonflies have to go through a transformation from wriggly water loving larva to become the swooping through the air beauties we see in our gardens in the summertime. These gifts all make me realize how much I have been given and remind me to give as I am able of myself to others who need them. They also remind me of the greatest gift given to the world, Jesus.

Thank you to those who gave me the gifts, here’s to recovery, here’s to being able to share my gifts with others, here’s to waiting for the gift of the birth of Jesus once again.

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