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#AdventWord #WakeUp

#AdventWord #WakeUp Some of you may remember that last year I took part in the worldwide building of a daily Advent calendar. This Advent we can all experience it together. If you go to Advent Word you can find out more information about it. I am going to be posting here on my blog and on my Instagram account, so you dear reader can follow along in two places if you so want.

Today’s word is Wake Up. I took the above picture just as the dear one and I were having our first cup of coffee. Here in Wetaskiwin it is dark early in the morning. The sun doesn’t rise until nearly 8:30 am, so we wake up in the dark every day. Waking up here at this time of the year takes effort and coffee – because, really who wants to get up in the dark.

Waking up means a lot to me this year. As my faithful readers know the last 6 months have been hard and difficult. I feel like I am now waking up and getting ready to once again do the ministry that God has called me to do. The ministry of neighbourly reconciliation with the indigenous folk of this good land. A ministry that is hard, challenging, energizing and so rewarding – like any good ministry should be. I am waking up to take up that challenge again. I am coming out of my deep introvert time and moving outward with my life again. Wake up is the perfect phrase for me to start this year’s Advent.



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One thought on “#AdventWord #WakeUp

  1. It is a wake up time for me too, as I have been sleeping and not reading as much of God’s word as I should. This Advent time will be filled with verses about what Advent is really about. Thanks for the prompt Fiona.

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