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#AdventWord #Proclaim

#AdventWord #Proclaim

The trumpets shall sound and the earth will know that the day of God’s favour has arrived! These angels always make me think of that and so they were my choice for the Advent Word proclaim today.

Proclaim the year of God’s favour, proclaim the Good News of Jesus with others, proclaim God’s love for the world. These are all phrases that go through my head when I think about this word. It is a word for me that means action and moving forward with purpose. It is a word that prompts me to jump right into things. Proclaim!!


#AdventWord #WakeUp

#AdventWord #WakeUp Some of you may remember that last year I took part in the worldwide building of a daily Advent calendar. This Advent we can all experience it together. If you go to Advent Word you can find out more information about it. I am going to be posting here on my blog and on my Instagram account, so you dear reader can follow along in two places if you so want.

Today’s word is Wake Up. I took the above picture just as the dear one and I were having our first cup of coffee. Here in Wetaskiwin it is dark early in the morning. The sun doesn’t rise until nearly 8:30 am, so we wake up in the dark every day. Waking up here at this time of the year takes effort and coffee – because, really who wants to get up in the dark.

Waking up means a lot to me this year. As my faithful readers know the last 6 months have been hard and difficult. I feel like I am now waking up and getting ready to once again do the ministry that God has called me to do. The ministry of neighbourly reconciliation with the indigenous folk of this good land. A ministry that is hard, challenging, energizing and so rewarding – like any good ministry should be. I am waking up to take up that challenge again. I am coming out of my deep introvert time and moving outward with my life again. Wake up is the perfect phrase for me to start this year’s Advent.


55 Times around the Sun

55 Times around the Sun That’s right, I  have been around the amazing sun of ours, on this wonderful earth of ours, 55 times. It seemed to me, that given everything that has happened this year, I needed to find a way to mark this event. Here goes, 55 gratitudes. learnings, events in my life I want to share with you. This may take a while to read so go grab a beverage and when you are done reading, raise your glass and send me a virtual toast!

  1. For being born to a strong mother, a not always there biological father, and, he didn’t know it at the time, also to a man who became my dad.
  2. Learning how to welcome – new Dad, new sister, new extended family – at such a young age that it now has become part of who I am.
  3. That we moved to Canada and didn’t stay in England – sorry England family, but it really was one of the best decisions my mother ever made.
  4. Steaming vegetables really is better than boiling them!
  5. Grateful for so many good books that I have read for all the ones I haven’t discovered yet.
  6. For all the beautiful places in Canada that I have been and for those yet to be discovered.
  7. Being a woman and recognizing that means I need to be a feminist and call out for the equality of all.
  8. Having lived in so many different places in this great big country and that has meant I have friends in so many different places. Grateful for all those communities.
  9. That my faith has been part of my life, challenged me, strengthened me, pushed me, hopefully made me a better person.
  10. Dark chocolate is so much better than milk chocolate – just sayin’.
  11. Canadian health care for all its faults is still one of the best systems in the world.
  12. Moving to Saskatchewan with my family is one of the best things that ever happened to me – for there I met both my bestie and my dear one.
  13. Drink water when you’re thirsty and even when you aren’t – hydration is essential!
  14. Good friends and family will get you and yours through almost anything.
  15. A good cry or a good laugh are essential to living well.
  16. Look for beauty everywhere – it is everywhere – enjoy it, let it feed your soul.
  17. Be thankful everyday for something, even if it has been a horrible day, find something to be thankful for.
  18. Community whether a church, a book club, a team, friends, is life giving and should always be nurtured.
  19. Good food is such a blessing and making good food for others is a treasure.
  20. My mother’s death at such a young age shaped me in ways I am still discovering.
  21. I love mornings – get my best work done then – afternoons, not so much.
  22. Sleeping next to someone you love is the best!
  23. Cake, there is always cake.
  24. Camping is always a good thing and best done with people you love.
  25. Being a Girl Guide prepared me to be a good woman and a good neighbour.
  26. Baby giggles, there is not much in the world that is better than baby giggles.
  27. Marriage is about love, yes, but also about communication and honouring the other in your life. I am so grateful for my good marriage to the dear one.
  28. Good, strong, fair trade coffee is so worthy of praise!
  29. Singing, music of any kind, is good for the soul.
  30. Being a mother has been amazing, frustrating, gratifying, sometimes disastrous, always full of love. Wouldn’t change this at all.
  31. Travel of any kind to almost anywhere is a good thing. I need to do more of it.
  32. When the dear one and I got married we had no idea of the adventures life would throw at us both good and not so good. We are still doing it together which is wonderful!
  33. Cheese! How good is cheese and so many different kinds to enjoy!
  34. Learn as much as you can about as many things as you can. Keep on learning new things and new skills. It is important!
  35. Enjoying your adult children as friends is a blessing in so many ways.
  36. Drink good wine, don’t drink bad wine – there is so much good wine in the world to enjoy.
  37. Try as hard you can to be respectful to others and work at understanding their points of view – hard, but necessary work for all of us.
  38. See beauty wherever you go. There is so much of it to enjoy, but you need to see it.
  39. Be kind to those you know and those you don’t know. Random acts of kindness should come as naturally as breathing. Be kind.
  40. Board games with family and friends are such excellent fun!
  41. I am so grateful that i have found a passion to guide my life, find yours, do it if you can.
  42. A good cup of tea is something to be cherished every day, especially during my downtime in the afternoon.
  43. Creativity feeds me regularly, through writing, sketching, photography.
  44. Living with cancer has been hard, but the way friends and family have reached out and supported me is amazing. I don’t even have words.
  45. Hanging out with people of different ages has stretched me in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. This has made me a better person.
  46. Volunteer if you can. Being able to serve different organizations in different ways has made my life richer.
  47. Naps, I love naps. Don’t take near enough of them.
  48. Hot chocolate after being outside on a really cold day – so much goodness in that cup.
  49. Sharing little joys as well as big joys with others is so important.
  50. Justice seeking, peace building, reconciling are all hard work, but so necessary in this broken world of ours.
  51. A kitty purring on my lap is just so happy making I don’t have enough words to describe it.
  52. Gardening continues to be a love of mine. Getting my hands in the dirt, watching things grow, bloom both inside plants and outside ones makes me feel so connected to God’s creation.
  53. Good conversation around the dinner table with good friends, life doesn’t get much better than that. So grateful that I have been part of so many and looking forward to many more.
  54. A good belly laugh or laughing with others does me so much good. It is so restorative.
  55. Hugs with ones you care about are the best comfort we can give each other sometimes.

Thanks for reading this far. I am looking forward to many more times around the sun before I leave this earth. I am so grateful to be coming out the other side of chemo. Bless you and here’s to birthdays!

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