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Small Joys

It has been over two weeks since my surgery. I am recovering well. Sleeping better. less pain, a little more energy each day. Still I have cancer and that is going to be the next thing to be addressed after I heal from my surgery. My work right now is to get as healthy as I can, so that I can be ready for the next steps on this healing journey.

Part of the way that I am doing that is by enjoying the small things. The dear one got me up this morning, said let’s get dressed, grab coffees and some muffins and go for a drive. It had rained last night (which we desperately needed here), the sun was shining and everything is sparkling green. I said yes. A small joy, a time to be together, to not worry, to enjoy God’s creation.

Small Joys

Here are some of my recent small joys:

1. A good cup of tea in a new tea glass.

2. Rhubarb from our garden.

3. Visits from friends.

4. Getting back into my blue jeans!

5. Spending time sitting on the deck.

6. Finding new TV series to watch when my brain can’t do anything else.

7. Having enough energy to make good food with the dear one.

8. Feeling so loved and cared for by all the cards, prayers, support coming our way.

9. Watching things grow and bloom in our garden.

10. Seeing the dear one get excited about a new project in his workshop.

Yep, I am a cancer patient, but that is not all who I am. I am a woman who still feels deeply, cares much, laughs a lot, is faithful, who has amazing friends and family – that is who I really am. I am going to count the small joys each day and be grateful, because at the moment that is what I can do.


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3 thoughts on “Small Joys

  1. In my experience you are doing all the right things. When I learned to live with cancer, it took away my being a cancer impatient. The slogan at the time was -cancer can be beaten – I learned you can live with it. Being impatient about the cancer wanting to get rid of it didn’t work but taking care of the cancer did. You will find your own way through this – you never get over it – you just get through it and you are blessed to have your dear one with you. You are both blessed to have your faith which has taken you both through so much. My thoughts and prayers are with you always.

  2. Yes, you have cancer. You are first and foremost a child of God. He will look after you so that you can be a witness to others with cancer. It will be okay, because God is with you all the way. Keep Him close to you and remember, this is another challenge in your life. Life is full of challenges. Keep positive and things will be good. Blessings and love. Ruby

  3. Leslie Worden on said:

    Hi Fiona, I agree, mind-numbing TV is good for time-passing while you body heals. (I read endless westerns, sometimes the same one twice!) The other thing wonderful resource I found when I was laid low, like you, 25 years ago, is comedy. Healthy laughter is such a mood-enhancer. The series. “The Hills is Lonely”, and “A Rope in Case” was such a funny set that I read them all and chuckled weakly throughout. The author is Lillian Beckwith and I can get most of her books at the library. Treat yourself gently while you get your strength back.


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