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Well this has been an interesting week…..

I came into the hospital on Tuesday fully expecting to be home that night after day surgery. Woke up in recovery & they started to tell me that I was being admitted. My first thought was does the dear one know? Yep I am that person. 

My next thought was why! Turns out that when my amazing doctor got in with the scopes that the mass was larger than was expected from the scans. I have since learned this is not unusual. She had a phone conversation with the dear one who gave permission for a complete hysterectomy – bye, bye uterus, Fallopian tubes , and ovaries. 

It turns out I have Stage 2 ovarian cancer. Yep the big C. I have now joined the thousands of Canadian women who get that piece of news every year. 

Today I go home with a series of staples down the middle of my belly and an awesome faith community praying for me & supporting the dear one and I.  

So what are the next steps?  In a week they take the staples & sutures out. Then I recover for the full 6 weeks post operation, which means the dear one gets to do all the heavy lifting. There will be an appointment with my specialist as we explore the next steps with her. This probably means chemo later in the summer. 

In the meantime I will be on medical leave from work and will have to rely on others to get things done in my absence. Not easy for someone of my tempermant but I have promised my family, my bishop, and my friends to do just that. 

Thank you dear readers for your ongoing support and prayers. 


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6 thoughts on “Well this has been an interesting week…..

  1. metastasizeh0pe on said:

    Keeping you in my prayers!

  2. Good to see that you are still wanting to be in touch with the world. Some of us shrink back into our caves. You are taking the better approach. Let me know if there is anything I can do from this distance. I can’t emphasize enough the necessity of following doctors orders.- Your body took a long time to get into the condition that necessitated the surgery and it will take a goodly time to heal.

    Doing exercises will only increase the pooch on your stomach not reduce it. [voice of experience here] Nothing more than a tea cup in weight may include your shoes, read only light books, and learn the joys of Netflix that will take you away from everything in all this. Last time I looked they had the complete Trollop novels the guy who wrote about Anglican Clergy. Any Acorn media items is worth your time. And as for work – there are a whole raft of people who are as competent as you to take a little piece of you work and do it while you are recuperating. They will get satisfaction from doing it because it is all they can do when they feel so helpless in the face of what you are coping with.

    As one who has been there, I know how the anger rises unexpectedly after the shock wears off and you think about what you want to do and how you may be denied that. 28 years ago I wanted to see my grandkids married and last year on the long May weekend, my oldest grandson was married and it seems likely that my granddaughter – his sister – will be making the same move soon. They were the only grandchildren I had then but now I have six and I hope that I live long enough to see them all married including my gay grandson.

    Anytime you need to vent or just talk to someone who will understand the oddness of some of your reactions and not judge, give me a call – an email or facebook message exchange or give me a call – collect would be welcome. my cell phone is 587-434-4814 and my landline is 403-228-5564. I will be in Sask from June 10- 14 late evening but other than that I am with one phone or both.

    You have the tools to get though this. Just do it gently.

    You are in my prayers and some eider down thoughts are coming your way.

    Hugs and prayers. Tim C.

  3. audrey on said:

    praying for strength for you and Hugh(he will need it to be the caregiver, and you will need it to rest and do nothing,for a change. I know what a wonderful,caring God we have and that you are in his hands, blessings alway

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