Faith from the Edges

Faith and life from the perspective of me.

Pain Days or Hope Days

I had hoped that my first post of 2015 would be the words that I am going to use to inspire me through the year (it is coming just not ready yet) but life has a way of throwing curves at you. My big curve has been this ongoing flare I am having as a result of my rheumatoid arthritis. I am so tired of pain days, of not being able to function as well I would like, of limiting my activities because everything hurts. Today is one of those days.

I read this article today about how it feels when you live with RA. It made so much sense and I have shared it around so that others may understand. I have been in flare mode since early June of last year, nearly 7 months. I finally get to see a new rheumatologist next week. I am so ready to be over this and living more normally again. The dear one is so ready for that to happen as well.

I posted this photo on my Instagram account today which I always share on my Twitter and Facebook accounts as well. I described it as pain face, because that is what it is.

2015-01-22 13.14.51What continues to surprise me, and really shouldn’t at this point, is the love and care that comes from my friends when I share with them how I am doing. I am so grateful. It is what keeps me going. It is what gives me hope.

I am hoping that next week I will have good news to share with everyone. That I am on a new treatment and that things are looking up in that regard. It is hard on days like today to have hope, but I am doing my best to do just that, have hope.

Even though today has been hard and thinking creatively has been even harder I am going to hang onto hope, because without that this would be even harder.

Where do you find hope when life throws curves your way?


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