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Time to get over the Stigma #BellLetsTalk

Here in Canada it is Bell Let’s Talk Day to talk about, think about, write about and to de-stigmatize mental illness and those living with it daily. Bell Canada is paying 5 cents for every tweet and share of the Facebook image. (By the way, I am not promoting Bell Canada, just the great work they are doing raising money for their mental health initiative.) I have written about this before and I will probably write about it again because I know from my own family’s struggles that mental health is so important to all of us. So I am doing my bit to share the news with you my readers.


I know family, friends and others who have lost their jobs, been told they weren’t good enough, shunned by those that they thought would support them, had their church community turn their backs on them all because they shared about their mental illness. When I share about my chronic illness I do not expect people to do any of those things. In fact, I expect all of those that I share that with to be at the least sympathetic and if I am lucky to be empathetic.

I think it is time for us all to change our attitudes about mental illness and mental health. In fact, I think we would be all healthier mentally if we took the time to share with those we love, those we work with, those we play with, those we worship with our mental health struggles. I know that I do better when I take the time to meet with health professionals and sort out how to deal with my rheumatoid arthritis and when I meet with health professionals when I am struggling with my mental health.

We all need the support that we can get to make our lives better. I am standing up to the stigma and saying enough is enough! Will you?


Pain Days or Hope Days

I had hoped that my first post of 2015 would be the words that I am going to use to inspire me through the year (it is coming just not ready yet) but life has a way of throwing curves at you. My big curve has been this ongoing flare I am having as a result of my rheumatoid arthritis. I am so tired of pain days, of not being able to function as well I would like, of limiting my activities because everything hurts. Today is one of those days.

I read this article today about how it feels when you live with RA. It made so much sense and I have shared it around so that others may understand. I have been in flare mode since early June of last year, nearly 7 months. I finally get to see a new rheumatologist next week. I am so ready to be over this and living more normally again. The dear one is so ready for that to happen as well.

I posted this photo on my Instagram account today which I always share on my Twitter and Facebook accounts as well. I described it as pain face, because that is what it is.

2015-01-22 13.14.51What continues to surprise me, and really shouldn’t at this point, is the love and care that comes from my friends when I share with them how I am doing. I am so grateful. It is what keeps me going. It is what gives me hope.

I am hoping that next week I will have good news to share with everyone. That I am on a new treatment and that things are looking up in that regard. It is hard on days like today to have hope, but I am doing my best to do just that, have hope.

Even though today has been hard and thinking creatively has been even harder I am going to hang onto hope, because without that this would be even harder.

Where do you find hope when life throws curves your way?

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