Faith from the Edges

Faith and life from the perspective of me.

#Ask #AdventWord

We have been lighting the candles, Sunday by Sunday, in our home parish each week. We have been focusing on reconciliation. God’s reconciliation with us, ours with creation, reconciliation between First Nations and settlers within Canada, and reconciliation with the future generations. We are being deliberate and careful and working hard to honour the traditions of the people on whose land we live.

Today two women from our parish who are both First Nations lit the fourth candle. We all looked at each other at the end and realized what an important moment that had been. A year ago that wouldn’t have happened. A year ago it wouldn’t even have been thought of as being important. Our parish began a conversation a few months ago about how to live out reconciliation with our neighbours who are First Nations. This Advent our wreath has been a symbol of that work of reconciliation.

My heart filled with hope and joy. My heart is aware that God is doing something important in our midst.

#Ask #AdventWord

Ask for God’s signs of reconciliation and they will be given to you. We are going to keep on asking, working and hoping for reconciliation. It is where God is leading us.

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