Faith from the Edges

Faith and life from the perspective of me.

#Thank #AdventWord

I am having a bit of a pain day. Guess I overdid it getting ready for yesterday’s open house. Which by the way was worth it. So today I am sitting in my pj’s watching TV and being grateful. Yep, grateful. Grateful that I can take a day to recoup, grateful that I have a partner who understands, grateful for comfy blankets and a warm house, grateful for small mercies, like Trostan our 12 year old tuxedo cat.

#Thank #AdventWord

Somehow he always seems to know when I need that extra bit of comfort, that extra bit of loving care. He shows up and sits besides me or on my lap and loves me. How wonderful is that? Here’s a public thank you to this amazing, loving cat of ours, who just loves us all the time.

Who does that sound like? Who in your life loves you all the time, no matter what, shows up and sits besides you?

Today I give thanks and wait patiently for the greatest gift of all. God’s love made incarnate.


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