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Faith and life from the perspective of me.

#Experience #AdventWord

The dear one and I have been doing a lot of getting ready these past three weeks for the coming of Christmas. Much of that has been around decorating, liturgy planning, food preparation and gifting others with what is needed. I realized today as we were putting up the outdoor lights that I love that we love to experience this season so much. That we get thrilled by simple things, like decorating our home, having shortbread cookies with tea. I get thrilled that the dear is so good at figuring out things because he has experience and can get it done.

#Experience #AdventWord

This week we get to experience a number of things. We are volunteering to deliver toys tonight to families that need them for gifts. We will experience the quiet of a Longest Night service tomorrow. We are opening our home on Friday to our parishioners and will get to experience good conversation and good food. We get to experience counting down the days until all our lovelies are here for the holidays.

We have experienced some really hard times together. We are mostly through that now. We bring that experience with us and it adds to the general delight we are both feeling now.

What experience has brought you life and light? Is your experience bringing you to light and life?

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