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#Focus #AdventWord

When I got up this morning and read what the Advent Word is for today, focus, my immediate thought went to list making, as that often helps me keep focus. However I wasn’t happy with that. So I just let it mull around for the day, until a short while ago when I was making my third batch of lemon curd. It is something I have been making as a gift and blessing for others for almost 30 years now. It was something my mother made. It just feels right to this sometimes very British soul to be making it at this time of the year.

It was while I was making it that I realized that I need to keep focus while making it. I have to stand over the double boiler for close to 15 minutes and stir and stir and stir. I can’t wander away and do something else. This is it. If I do the lemon curd will be wrecked and that would be just wrong. I have to stay focused on this particular task and not get distracted.

#Focus #AdventWord

It got me thinking about how I need to focus during prayer time, during worship, during conversations with those important to me. That being able to focus is a gift from God and I am grateful for that.

What do you need to focus on as you get ready for Christmas? What is calling out for your attention at this time?


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