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Faith and life from the perspective of me.

#Act #AdventWord

This past summer I was part of Justice Camp here in the Diocese of Edmonton. We gathered folks from across the country to talk about justice for and with this good land that we all live on that is a gift from God our creator. It was an amazing week with so much learning that I am still processing and looking back on. I was part of the leadership for the Food:Who Benefits immersion group. We took three days and learned from others about food security (the lack of it in many cases) and those who are acting for justice.

On the last day of our immersion we went to two organic farmers and experienced how they are reclaiming the land, treating animals humanely and providing good, healthy food for the market.

#Act #AdventWord

I love pollinators – bees, butterflies, dragonflies – they are wonderful to watch gathering the nectar and sharing the pollen around from plant to plant.  One of the big learnings from the organic farmers was as they have repaired the land and allowed for more diversity the pollinators have returned. Now you will have to look closely in the above photo but their is a great, big bumblebee there working away. If you go to my Instagram account you will find a cropped photo that shows this more clearly.

Bringing back the pollinators is acting for justice for the land, justice for the farmers who provide food for us all to eat, justice that God seeks to make happen by our actions.

In my own personal small garden I am actively planting flowers that attract pollinators – they are not always the most attractive flowers but they are hardy to this area and I love hearing the bees hard at work when I head out to the garden. It is my small act of justice for this good land that God our creator has given us. What is yours?

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