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#WakeUp #AdventWord

During Advent we often get scripture read to us that invites us to wake up! We get hymns that ask us to pay attention and see what is happening in the world. Whenever I think of being asked to pay attention and to watch what is going on the world I think of this hymn,’Hark a Herald Voice is Crying’:

At the end of this past October I was invited by my bishop to come and talk with her at her office in Edmonton. I arrived and parked our vehicle and saw this little cottontail rabbit sitting amongst the leaves. He was quietly awake and very watchful of the surroundings. I admit it, it took me a moment to see him.

#WakeUp #AdventWord

It was only after my meeting with my bishop where I was offered a position working with the Indigenous Ministry Team of the diocese to work with rural and small town parishes as the Aboriginal and Rural Communities Liaison that I realized that this little one had been trying to tell me something. That I needed to wake up and watch for something good was coming my way. I am now 6 weeks into my new position and yes something good is happening.

We all need to wake up and pay attention to what is going on around us. We need to see where God is calling us to ministry. We need to see that the promise God makes to all becomes present in the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Wake up and watch! You never know what you just might notice, you never know where you will see God working. Wake up and watch!

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2 thoughts on “#WakeUp #AdventWord

  1. I was thinking about watching and noticing injustice around you, not just the big news makers. Reflections on Is. 40 and my sermon on Sunday.

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