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#Encourage #AdventWord

I love this photo. I took it this past summer when these two were together after not having seen each other since last Christmas. Brother and sister, close in age, fought like demons when they were teenagers, and now as young adults encourage each other, give each other unconditional love, hope for each other. I saw the love of God shining brightly and encouragingly when these two darlings of mine hugged each other like this.

#Encourage #AdventWord

When I consider how God encourages us, this is the image that came to my mind. A close, all encompassing hug that says you are loved, you are important, what you do makes a difference. I want to encourage others in their life of faith the same way.  I want to be this kind of blessing for those around me. I want to encourage others to show their Christ light in the world. I want to be encouraged and affirmed to do the same.

Who encourages you? How do you encourage others?


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One thought on “#Encourage #AdventWord

  1. So beautiful. Amen

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