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#Thrive #AdventWord

Thrive Advent Word

I have had this orchid for about 6 years now, it never fails to bloom each year & sometimes twice a year, it continues to thrive in what should be a harsh environment for it. My house is too dry, the heat fluctuates, the sun is not consistent, and yet it continues to thrive.

When I reflect on the Advent Word for today, thrive, this orchid came to mind. It thrives when you don’t think it will. It brings me beauty and joy in some of the darkest days of winter. I look at and I smile. A really big smile! The orchids I have, the other indoor plants I have and the outside gardening I do allow me to play in the dirt, use water, think about God’s good creation and I how I can help it to thrive and be creative.

I realize that I have thrived as well, by the grace of God, through some tough stuff that at the time I didn’t think I would survive. To thrive is to have hope, to see joy, to be creative, to have fun – all good things in my mind.

How do you thrive? What brings you joy and beauty and points the way to God’s grace?

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