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#Remember #AdventWord

Remember Advent wordToday’s word is #remember.

This year in my home parish of Immanuel, Wetaskiwin we are doing a different kind of Advent wreath. It is an Advent wreath of reconciliation by tearing down the walls of hostility. We are remembering our relationship with God’s creation, we are remembering our past, broken relationships with the indigenous peoples of Canada, we are remembering our call from God to work at righting those relationships and making a new way to be together, and finally we are remembering our call to God’s good future for all of creation by the saving work of our Saviour Jesus and that there will be transformation for all.

This picture is from the Advent 1. The eastern side of the wall was torn down and the first candle lit. You can just see its flame lit. So we remember that there is light in the darkness, there is hope here and God’s justice will be made known for all. We remember the promises that have been made to us by God for all God’s creation.

This is the prayer for the first Sunday:

Creator of all, We acknowledge that we live on sacred
land and drink of holy water, your creation. Light the
shadows made by walls of hostility. Help us to work
together for the healing and reconciliation of the land and
water. So may the light of your kingdom grow. Thank
you for listening. Amen.


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