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Pinterest as Ministry : Say What??


Funny title right. I have to tell you that I have been thinking quite a bit about Pinterest as ministry lately. Like many people I have a Pinterest page  and on that page I have a number of boards that I pin different things up on. It is a way to bookmark websites that have information or interesting ideas and keep it in one convenient place.

The board that has me thinking about ministry is the one I call Christian Ed. Ideas . I started it because I wanted a way to collect craft, prayer and game ideas that could be used with children or youth groups in a ministry setting. The other one that has led to similar thoughts is called Spiritual Practice.   This one I started because I wanted to have a way to gather ideas, inspiration, motivation, reflections for my own spiritual practice.

What has happened with both of those boards is that many of things I have pinned on them have been repinned by others, not by family or friends, but by people I don’t know at all. It got me thinking about this as ministry. It is not just something I do for myself. It is something I do to talk about Jesus, my relationship with God, my faith, it is my friends evangelism.

Hold on a minute, did you just write the word ‘evangelism’? Don’t you know that we Anglicans (the church I call home), we don’t like to talk about evangelism? We aren’t good at sharing with others what our faith means to us, what God has done in our lives, the doubts we have, how we pray or if we pray. Now I know that this is stereotyping and that some us are better at it than others and some of us are really good at it. However, evangelism is a big scary word in the Anglican circles that I hang out in. For the moment, let’s call it ministry.

I share the gospel with those who come to my Pinterest boards just as much as I do through my Twitter account, my Instagram account and my own personal Facebook page. I am not shy about sharing my faith with others. This is one of the ways that I do ministry. It has made me realize that I am careful about what I pin up on those two boards in particular, just as I am careful about what I say through both my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I want others to see light, hope, joy, struggle and faith most of all.

Realizing that what I do on all my social media accounts affects others and is not just about me has been a great learning for me. I have known for most of my adult life that what I say and I do has to reflect what I believe. My passion for justice comes out of my faith, knowing the passion that Jesus and the prophets had for God’s justice in the world. My concern for children and young people comes out of my faith when I remember how Jesus included the little ones in his conversations about God. My passion for inclusiveness in all that I do and am comes from my faith in God who calls us to love others as we love ourselves. The challenge over the last few years of being on social media is to remember that everything I post is public and that I need it all to deeply reflect my own values. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some whining or silliness from time to time because there will be, I am human after all, just that I want the majority of it to reflect who I deeply want to be and who I know God wants me to be. A person of faith, a person who struggles, a person who cares deeply about others, a person who reaches out with, hopefully, God’s love and care in my heart.

Yes, my postings on Pinterest are ministry and I will continue to remember that with what I put there, just as will remember that with my other social media accounts.

Has something you started just for you turned into something else? Have you been surprised by how God takes something you love and turned it into a ministry?





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