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I feel a rant coming on…

The dear one would tell you to watch out. For when I say I feel a rant coming on it usually means that some injustice has just smacked me in the face again and I have to , have to say something about it to someone and that someone is usually him. Today I am going to share my rants with all of you. These are in no particular order, just what has been on my mind lately.


1. I am so tired of adult women in television programs, movies and any other media you can think of being called girls! Call them young women if they are under 30. Call them mature women if you want. But please, please don’t call them girls. I have two adult daughters  – they are young women, they are not girls. They are adults who make adult decisions everyday. I also have an adult son – he is a young man. You can make a bet that you don’t go thinking of him as a boy, I sure don’t! So why on earth do we accept that it is okay to call women girls – we are not girls, we are WOMEN! (Yes I am shouting now!)

2. People who tell indigenous Canadians to just get over residential school trauma. As if that kind of trauma that was caused by 7 generations of children being taken away from their families can just be gotten over. I mean, really, if we had 7 generations of children taken away no one would be telling us to just get over it. That kind of trauma will take generations of recovery, the hard work of reconciliation and we all of us in Canada better get on board with that.

3. People who don’t vaccinate their kids because they think it might cause autism (disproven folks, look it up!) and then complain when there is an outbreak of measles or whooping cough or polio or whatever. Vaccinate your children, I did, many of us did and it is time for us all to step up on this one. I am sure none of us want to see thousands and possibly more children dying of preventable diseases!

4.When the leadership of the Church of England or the leadership of any church spouts nonsense that it is because of Christians in North America or the United Kingdom who support the rights of LGBTQ people that this is the cause of sectarian violence between Muslims and Christians in Africa and that by our support we are putting the lives of Christians at risk. This is such bollocks that it makes me want to spew! Please, can we not name sin when we see it as sin (violence of any kind) and not try to triangulate and blame people who are acting in good faith in other countries for it. I will, and I know many other straight Christians who will as well, continue in my support for LGBTQ folks and their rights in Canada and around the world.

5. Can we humans just get over the whole climate change denial thing? We created the problem, now let’s use all the amazing intelligence I know is out there and fix the problem. We need to figure out how to stop putting some much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and we have to get better prepared  for all the changes that are happening. Whose with me on this one?

I can think about whole bunch of other things to rant about – mental health stigma, domestic violence, rape culture, the state of mainline churches today, why evolution is important, why science is important, why poverty matters – but they will have to wait for other blogs.

What gets you ticked off and ready to rant? How do you want to change the world for better today? What do you need to stand up and shout about today?

P.S.  There should have been links to fill in some of the gaps of what I am ranting about today, but I know you are all intelligent readers and can go find that out for yourselves.





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