Faith from the Edges

Faith and life from the perspective of me.

Beauty, Delight, Grace

Lent prayer table

This is going to be my prayer table for Lent. The cup is the one I have chosen to use as I go through Joyce Rupp’s book The Cup of Our Life. It was given to me by my Grandpa even before I met the dear one. It has my name on it and forget me not flowers. It has some some tea stains on the inside. It reminds me of his love. The candle holder is one the dear one gave me and has a woman figure on it that is growing into a tree of life. It feels divine and holy to me. The scarf was a gift given by a dear friend when we left Gaspe almost 12 years ago. It has gannets and daisy flowers on it. Gannets make me think of the Holy Spirit for they dive into the water as the Spirit dives into our lives. The daisies are reminders that new life is always possible.

These are all gifts. I didn’t pick any of them out and they have given me more than the gifters probably thought they would. I have been blessed by their beauty. Reminded to delight in gifts. Felt the ongoing grace of their love and care for me. I want to hold these things in front of me as I go through this season of Lent.

What gifts have you been given that you can hold in front of you this Lent? What gifts have brought you grace, delight and beauty?

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