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Our Act of Faith

Cherry Tree

The dear one and I recently planted a cherry tree, well he did the planting while I was away at meetings, on the front lawn of our new home. I am calling it our act of faith.

It is an act of faith because we have hope that we will be here long enough to enjoy the fruit of this tree. That we will be here long enough to see it grow and bloom year after year. It is our commitment statement that we are staying put and going to put down roots and become members not just of the church community but of the wider community that we now live in.

I can feel roots beginning to grow here. I came home from my meetings in Toronto last weekend and realized that I was coming home. Home to this new place which now feels and is home. Such a good feeling after a long time of being out in the wilderness. I was welcomed back to church and told how much I was missed, that hadn’t happened for a long, long time. The laughter of this community is one of the reasons that this place feels like home.

There have been a number of acts of faith lately by the dear one and I. Making new flower beds, planting perennials that will be here, hopefully, after we have left this house, putting up art and family photos and really making this house our home, not panicking because my employment insurance is finished and I don’t have a paying job yet and every day saying yes to being in this place and living and worshipping with God’s people.

I am deeply grateful that we get this chance to make a new home and to be part of ministering, on its way to being healthy, church community. I am grateful that we took that act of faith to say yes to this place and this church. I am grateful that God has put us here and is allowing roots to start growing and spreading.

What act of faith have you done lately that has just felt right?

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