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Entering Holy Week

Holy week

Holy Week is coming! Holy Week is coming! Oh my goodness Holy Week is here…..

You may be wondering about my near hysteria about this – here’s the thing, I know that I will not see very much of the dear one for the next week. This is the crazy busy time for a clergy person and for a clergy person getting back into the swing of things it is even more a crazy busy time. I don’t begrudge the crazy busy time, I know in my heart how important this time is in the life of the church. If not for what happened during that week in Jerusalem with Jesus and his friends, there wouldn’t be a church now to remember and in the end to celebrate.

A story from when we were a younger family and our children were all under the age of ten. That year they had their spring break during Holy Week (schools really don’t take into account the life of the church at all when setting these things up). It was Wednesday of the week and the dear one was madly trying to finish up all the bulletins he needed to get done for the upcoming four days of services. Those of you who are clergy spouses whose partners don’t have secretaries will know what I am talking about. Our children all had some friends over and there was a planned sleep over going to happen that night. Best way to keep kids happy and busy is to have over their friends. Our youngest came into the kitchen to see me and to show me a spot on his tummy. Yep, you guessed it chicken pox. Within 2 hours all three of my children had come down with chicken pox!  Sleep over was cancelled and medicine was sought. Madness upon madness. In the middle of Holy Week. Well guess which clergy spouse did not get to any of the Holy Week services that year, you guessed it that would be me.

Holy Week this year, please God, won’t have any surprises like that. Although if someone is close to dying it will often happen close to high, holy church times as well and the dear one has been known to try to fit in a funeral during this time as well.

Our Holy Week isn’t going to be the slow, careful walk with Jesus to the cross and then to the empty tomb, no it is going to be the mad dash to make sure that others can experience a God filled experience. It is the calling of the dear one and it is my calling as a clergy spouse to be supportive of that. I am looking forward to all the services, beginning today with Palm Sunday and culminating on Easter Sunday. I am going to embrace the crazy busyness of it, revel in all the services, and remember why I keep faith with this strange beast called the church.

How are you going to experience Holy Week this year? What crazy busy time do you both dread and look forward to?

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One thought on “Entering Holy Week

  1. Sarah Neish on said:

    Oh Holy weeks I have known!!! When we were first married MDH had a parish that was huge in miles if not in souls…Antigonish and Country Harbour Nove Scotia….(your dear father-in-law had a neighbouring parish in northern N>S> that was as large!)…….MDH felt that every corner of his vinyard needed to be covered during Holy week and especially Good Friday and Easter Sunday. That meant at least 125 miles of driving. That first year of our 53 years together I thought he had given up ME for Lent!
    Since then we have travelled the road from Jerusalem to Calvary and to the empty tomb together some times in snow, some times in sickness, sometimes in bright sunshine but always with the mysteryof the resurection shining through. It is a wonderful time of deep prayer and awesomness for me

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