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Coming out of the desert


I am feeling like my journey through the desert is nearly over, that my somewhat self-imposed exile is coming to an end. This past year has been quite the journey. I have shared with you my readers how much I have missed being part of a worshipping community. How angry I have been with the institutional church with the way the dear one was treated. How just full of grief I was about my own job for the church ending. Some of those feelings are still there but most of them are dissipating. I am finding that I can let them go and give them over to God to take over. I don’t need them anymore.

We are now three months into living here in our new community and a couple of weeks of living in our new home. I am not settled yet, not even close, just ask the dear one and he will tell you in no certain terms. But we are getting closer. I can definitely see the end of this particular part of our journey.

I have been feeling welcomed, cared for and prayed for in this new community of ours. Something that has been lacking for a long time. I still don’t know what place I am going to have in our new parish and this new diocese of ours. I am grateful that I do have a place in the life of the national church through my work with the Anglican Foundation.  I am seeing more light than darkness now. My long Lent is coming to an end and I can feel resurrection coming.

I am grateful to God for standing by, under, behind me during this hard time even when I questioned if God was around. I am grateful to my friends and family for standing by, under and behind during this hard time even when I questioned if you were around.

Just like spring in Canada comes like a surprise, so I am feeling full of surprise and joy at this new time in my life.

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4 thoughts on “Coming out of the desert

  1. Thanks always for what you share and how you share it. I’m very grateful to have been a near part of your life for the past five – nearly six – years. With your blogs, you are never far!

  2. I’m very happy to read this blog Fiona. May the blessings continue to flow ‘;0)

  3. Audrey on said:

    Fiona and Hugh,I am so happy for both of you,that Hugh has a parish and you both ave a caring and loving homechurch- that is sooo important, I know your feelings of being in a desert,that is where I am now, quite unhappy with my Southern Diocese and praying for God;s presence, we need to keep hoping and praying to ou Lord,He is always with us,don;t know how I would be withour his presence,but you are an inspiration for me, God Bless and stay thankful and happy,
    ps. keep up your blog, Fiona

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