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The never ending epic moving saga

MovingVanWe are finally in our new home, but I have to admit that I am beginning to think of this move as the never ending epic moving saga!

There have been more bumps and sideways shifts in this process than either the dear one or I ever expected. It took us longer to find a new  home than we thought it was going to and then when we did find our home and had an offer accepted we ended up having to push things back because the seller didn’t have all the legal issues sorted out before they began the process of selling. If that sentence read as complicated then you are just beginning to glimmer how complicated it really was.

This took about two weeks to get sorted and it finally did. Then the week before we get the keys we know that we need to deal with house insurance. Unfortunately the first broker we went to would only give us a limited insurance policy which caused our mortgage company and our lawyer to throw up their collective hands and say wait! This meant that the day we were supposed to get the keys the dear one and I had to run around and find another broker and get the coverage we needed. Unfortunately it came in too late to get the keys that day, but we got them and we are now in the house.

The next delay was the moving van. It was supposed to arrive yesterday but because of a snowstorm it couldn’t leave Winnipeg until yesterday. One of the many reasons they call that lovely city Winterpeg! The movers have arrived today and as I write this they are busy unloading and bringing things into the house.

Those of you who have been reading and following along with the dear one and I on this journey will have some idea about how excited we both are to finally be able to call this community our home and to have a home to live in. I am actually looking forward to unpacking, then painting, nesting as they say, to make this house our home.

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One thought on “The never ending epic moving saga

  1. Audrey on said:

    God is good,all the time,I am so happy for you both,you certainly have had a tryinh time and now can put it all behind you and go foward, good house to make a home, good church,good community,good town. enjoy and I praise God for his blessings.

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