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Prayer, unexpected gifts, learnings

Just about a third of the way through Lent and I realized that I have learned some things. One of those is what not to pray for. Yep, you read that right, what not to pray for!

Don’t pray for patience. You will be given the most frustrating, exhausting, excruciating processes to go through. I have been praying for patience since before Lent started. I just knew that if I was patient enough I would get through all of this and at this point we would have our new house. Well nope that hasn’t happened. Don’t panic we are getting it but we have had to put off getting the keys for a couple of days. So patience is a mixed gift. One I think I am ready to give back to God at this point.

Here is the other thing I have learned about prayer, that having a prayer support group (and you all know who you are) is essential to maintaining my faith. I am reminded that I need to be as generous in my prayers for them as they have been for me and the dear one.


I have had a few unexpected gifts in the last while. The first was new friends here in our new community reaching out and taking care of the dear one and I. We have been invited out to events, we have been included in spontaneous after church lunch gatherings. I am deeply grateful for this gift. The other gift is a more tangible one. I received in the mail a small parcel from a dear friend who lives in Manitoba and is part of the Left-Handed Blessings knitting group. In it was the lovely prayer shawl you see me wearing in the picture. She said that she had been wanting to send it to me for awhile and my blog post on worrying pushed her to get it to me. It is lovely, soft pink and grey. I couldn’t believe how much love and strength came off it the first time I put it on. I am going to use whenever I am worrying too much or just need a hug of love to surround me. I am deeply grateful for this gift.

So Lent this far has had its challenges (which is likely a good thing because what is Lent without being challenging), presented me with gifts, and reminded  me what to pray for and what not to pray for. I am grateful this Lent, even through the tears of frustration, that I am part of a community who cares and supports.

Are you having a good Lent? What has been your biggest challenge so far?

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